Garbage & Recycling

Residential garbage containers must not be placed outside for collection earlier than 8:00 pm Wednesday night and not later than 7:00 am on Thursday morning (the day of the collection).  Garbage must be put out in proper containers so as to prevent an unsightly appearance, pest infestation, or being accessible to dogs or other animals. The Town's garbage contractor will not collect and dispose of garbage from business, commercial, industrial, institutional or government establishments.

Bring your Fibre products (cardboard, newspapers, and office paper) and your plastics (#1 and #2 number located on bottom of bottle or container) to your nearest depot (behind the Arena). Plastic grocery bags can be returned to many stores that use them. Also, pop bottles and cans have a recycle deposit on them. They can be returned to Mike's Bottle Exchange in Bayside for the deposit return.

White Goods Recycling:  To find out what you do with your old appliances etc. check the Southwest Solid Waste Commissions site:

Local Paint Recycling Depots: Keith's Building Supplies 169 Route 1, St. Stephen, NB   466-5888.  Boyd Brothers Ltd. 9 Route 172, St. George, NB   755-1500