Public Works

Public Works
Contact: Nathan McMillian 529-5120

Street Maintenance Services:

Maintaining 36.8 km of streets and roads, and 10.7 km of sidewalks which includes the following:

•Pot hole repair
•Minor resurfacing of streets
•Street sweeping
•Curb & sidewalk repair
•Culvert installations
•Ditch clearing/culvert repair
•Snow plowing & de-icing
•Removal of snow from business district
•Painting crosswalk lines & parking lot lines
•Installation & maintenance of all street signage

General Maintenance Services:

•Tree trimming & removal
•Minor construction projects
•Walking trail maintenance
•Erosion control
•Mowing & trimming grass
•Minor landscaping
•Litter pickup
•Special event setup
•Bagged leaves & bundled brush pickup program
•Christmas tree pickup program
•Putting up Christmas lights
•Garbage collection
•General painting & beautification

Water/Wastewater & Drainage Services:

•Annual sewer main flushing program
•Annual sewer main videoing program
•Maintenance & repairs of all water/sewer lines
•Catch basin maintenance
•Surface water draining
•Fire hydrant maintenance

Water/Wastewater Management
Contact: Dan Bartlett 529-5120

Chamcook Lake--The Source of water for our Town, comes under close monitoring through the Environment Watershed Protection Program.  The Water Treatment Plant is a multibarrier plant, which means that the water is treated in several ways as it is processed. The water in the plant is monitored continuously. From here the water is pumped to the reservoir in Town. The water goes through many monitoring processes and has to meet many safety standards before it is piped to your tap.

STORM WATER: The storm water in town is collected through ditches and gutters to a collection system of catch basins and pipes and is discharged to the bay at several points in town.

SEWER SYSTEM: All of the sewage in town is collected in our system and flows by gravity or is pumped to the sewer lagoon, sewage is then pumped into the lagoon's primary pond, aerated then flows to the finish pond before being discharged to the Bay. The discharge water is tested twice weekly by our staff and monthly by an accredited lab and the report is then sent to the Department of the Environment.